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The school accommodates both girls and boys from age 14. These learners are special learners who are referred by the primary schools after they have been tested by the educational psychologists via the circuit, district and provincial offices in the Western Cape Province in South Africa. These learners experience the mild/moderate intellectual challenges. They experience learning difficulties in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Learners come from the surrounding areas which include Paarl, Paarl East, Agter Paarl, Wellington, Groenberg, Wemmershoek, Pniel, Klapmuts and Simondium.
Age intake
Learners are admitted at the school when they turn 14 years. The school programmes run for a period of 4 years. Learners are referred to the school via the District office and WCED.

Language medium
Instruction is given in both Afrikaans and English as needs be. The IsiXhosa speaking learners are also introduced to Afrikaans and English instruction.

Academic standards
The school follows the National Curriculum Statements (NCS), the adapted Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) for the Schools of Skills.

School uniform

Boys:        Grey pair of trousers (long or short pants), white shirt with buttons, grey long socks, black school shoes (Please do not wear takkies or sandals), Navy blue v-neck jersey, navy blue jacket. Very short hair-neatly dressed. No colourful dye in the hair. No styles and marks are allowed. The School uniform is available at any Pep Store.

Girls:        Navy blue skirt (Knee length please. Short skirts which show under wear are not allowed). White shirt with buttons, white socks, black school shoes, navy blue v-neck jersey, navy blue jacket. Only straight back hair braiding is allowed. This must always match the colour of your hair. No other styles are allowed. Please keep hair short. Hair must not cover the ears, eyes and face. No colourful dyes are allowed in the hair. Please do not apply nail polish and lips sticks. School uniform is available at any Pep Store.

All boys must please buy themselves blue overalls (two piece) available at any Pep Stores.

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